Storytelling is Key, Even in the Corporate World

By Ragiyah Parvin, Diploma in Mass Communication | Republic Polytechnic

The art of telling a story can be a powerful tool in the corporate world, according to panellists who spoke at the recent All In! Young Writers Festival 2017.

Ms Joyce Chua, who is editor in chief for fashion retailer Zalora’s ZCOOP digital magazine, said she has utilised her writing to appeal to consumers. The 26-year-old noted that engaging the audience with what they want, instead of forcing content on them, is crucial. And storytelling would be the way to captivate them and resonate with them, added the former journalist.

This is especially so as many retailers are also seeking to reach out to the same consumers. “What you say it’s not important as how you say it,” said Ms Chua.

Mr Walter Panganiban, another panellist, shared the same view. “Stories and narrators are the best way to communicate with people. Why? Because all of us are familiar with stories,” said the public relations executive who has over 18 years of experience in the industry.

SHARING STORIES: Moderator Patricia Pinto (left), Ms Joyce Chua (centre) and Mr Walter Panganiban (right) discuss the importance of writing in the corporate world and public relations at the All In! Young Writers Festival 2017 [PHOTO: Cascals Kathleene Dian)

The audience heard that the public search for content because they have questions unanswered. And storytelling helps consumers better relate to messages crafted by companies. “You need to feel for your audience… you need to ask them what exactly do they want,” said Ms Chua.

She added that aspiring writers should try different types of writing, whether it is journalism, creative writing or crafting social media content. Ms Chua’s advice was welcomed by a festival participant Shirleen Lee. Ms Lee, a 15-year-old, said: “Try experimenting with different new genres and just learn.”

This year’s Festival was held at *SCAPE between 10 and 12 March. It featured professionals and mentors across various genres of writing, such as publishing, broadcasting, creative writing, screenplay and journalism. All In! is organised by the National Book Development Council of Singapore.